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Working Together on Project


Come with a problem, leave with a plan. Innovate on Purpose workshops are hands-on working sessions that guide teams through the most important challenges of innovation.

Workshops include a planning pre-call to discuss your unique needs, so the workshop can be tailored to you. They include proprietary tools and workbooks that can be modified and reused as you choose.


On-site or online for up to 20 participants, workshops are priced at $15,000, plus travel if applicable. Workshops are 4 hours.

Workshop Extensions keep your project moving with three 1-hour follow-up sessions to review progress on next steps identified in-workshop and provide the opportunity for additional Q&A. Adding an extension is only $4,500.

Choose from the strategic and tactical workshops below, or contact us for custom options:

Strategy Workshops: Foundations to Innovate

Align your team and create the strategic focus necessary to innovate on purpose.

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Align Innovation with Strategy

Problem Solved: What does it actually mean when you're asked to deliver “the next big thing?” Align your team around what innovation means in your organization to focus efforts at the intersection of what your market needs and who you want to be. 

Leave With: A working definition of “innovate” to focus team efforts. An inventory of markets and personas included in the team’s scope. A baseline for immediate
product and go-to-market action and a backlog of knowledge needed to improve.

Who should attend? Those who set product and go-to-market strategy and the cross-functional teams that deliver it.

360-Degree Innovation

Problem Solved: Building the best product isn't the only way to innovate and win. This workshop helps your team explore other options to lead the market. 

Leave With: An expanded perspective on innovation options, and prioritized opportunities for next steps.

Who should attend? Product and go-to-market teams and their cross-functional partners.

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Inspired Innovation: It Takes a Team

Problem Solved: You're not the only one who needs market insights to innovate. Do the teams that build, sell and support your products have what they need to make innovative ideas a reality in the market? Make sure they do. 

Leave With: A plan to communicate market knowledge to inspire your entire company, without crushing your budget or calendar.

Who should attend? Anyone who distributes knowledge, including team leaders, product management, and marketing professionals.

Battling the Black Swan

Problem Solved:  Whether it's a pandemic, natural disaster, or disruptive technology, Black Swans can be frightening. But they can also be catalysts for 
successful innovation if you’re ready to take advantage of them. You can’t know what the next Black Swan will look like, but you can be prepared to react, thrive, and even grow if you have a plan.

Leave With: Answers to five key questions that ready you to battle Black Swans. Create your Black Swan Battle Plan in-workshop.

Who should attend? Those who set product and go-to-market strategy and the cross-functional teams that deliver it.

Tactical Workshops: Quick Wins

Have a particular challenge that needs a quick shot of best practices? Book a workshop to get back on track.

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A Winning Win/Loss Program

Problem Solved: Most organizations are doing win/loss analysis. Badly. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the effort isn’t delivering what they need to succeed. How can you plan, perform and communicate win/loss analysis to inspire teams and spark innovation? 

Leave With: Roles and responsibilities map for win/loss activities. A plan to break through specific win/loss roadblocks. A roadmap for win/loss and a detailed action plan to fill knowledge gaps. 

Who should attend? Product marketing, product management, sales: any team member responsible for win/loss analysis or contributing to the knowledge pool.

Beyond Personas

Problem Solved: You need to understand the people who buy and use your products, but do you need more than that to lead the market? Yes. It’s time to build a better persona – and then some.

Leave With: Inventory of personas and other entities you need to learn about to achieve your innovation goals. A plan to prioritize, gather and use that knowledge to succeed.

Who should attend? Product marketing, product management and commercialization team members.

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Positioning to Win

Problem Solved: How can you compete with free? What about that well-funded giant? The hot new startup? You need to know how your market views your competition, and how you can stand out in the crowd and win. 

Leave With: Positioning for your most important markets. A method to activate positioning statements in internal and market-facing communications. Tools that enable you to shift your positioning to continue winning as the market changes.

Who should attend? Product marketing, product management, sales: any team member responsible for creating positioning.

All workshops can be modified to include Pragmatic Institute tools at no additional cost. At least one workshop participant must have been certified in a Pragmatic Institute course to do so.

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