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Lets's discuss your needs, team, and timeline in a free consultation.

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Implement Pragmatic Institute Tools and Best Practices


Pragmatic Institute* classes provide world-class instruction. Students leave energized and full of best practices to perform their roles better. But - what now? Implementation without help can be a challenge. I can help.

I was a full-time instructor and subject matter expert for Pragmatic Institute for over five years, teaching thousands of product teams all over the world. I continue to teach as a visiting instructor today.


Equally important, I've implemented the principles in those courses in product management and marketing roles from individual contributor to senior executive. I know how to do this.


Need help creating personas or positioning? Want to define who does what with a Gap Analysis? Or is it time for a powerful Launch Strategy?  I'm uniquely qualified to help you with these projects and more, in a format that works for you, including: 

  • Workshops and facilitation. Use tools and complete activities learned in class.

  • Tactical coaching hours including Q&A sessions.

  • Fractional leadership engagements for strategic implementation, change enablement and team building.

*Pragmatic Institute is a separate company. Contact Pragmatic Institute directly to sign up for Pragmatic Institute classes. Coaching using Pragmatic tools requires at least one team member to have completed a Pragmatic course. 

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