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Innovate On Purpose 
Diane Pierson, Principal

Innovate On Purpose really started when I launched my first product over two decades ago. The product did well, but we were lucky. We didn't know why the market liked the product and had no idea what they wanted next. As a result, we missed opportunities and wasted time on the wrong efforts. I learned that a team can "accidently" succeed without understanding their markets, and then be unable to follow-up with growth and scale.


My career as a product management executive and market strategist allowed me to test theories and develop an effective workflow for planning, executing and communicating market knowledge in order to successfully innovate. This workflow ensures that your efforts are driving strategy, empowering teams and delivering valuable, sustainable products.

Our mission at Innovate on Purpose is to help organizations succeed at the intersection of what their markets need and who they want to be. Innovate effectively to nurture, change or disrupt. Innovate to drive your company's vision while delighting the markets you serve. Innovate so that when your markets change - you're one step ahead of them.

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For the past five years I've been an instructor with Pragmatic Institute, creating and delivering best-in-class training for product and marketing professionals. Those principles and that way of thinking, along with other industry best practices, also influence the work I do. The step-by-step workflow I help you implement delivers success based on the best thinking, hands-on experience and proven results. Contact us to find out more.

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