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It's often helpful to learn before doing, and our flagship course, 5 Steps to Innovate on Purpose, is designed to give you the vocabulary, workflow and tools to unify your team around innovating on purpose.


Learn more about this course below, and stay tuned for more courses coming soon!

5 Steps to Innovate on Purpose

Duration: 4 hours

What we'll cover: Too many organizations push product "guesses" into the market and hope for the best. Others avoid innovation altogether in favor of backlogs filled with tiny product tweaks. Innovation is always risky, but it doesn't have to be this difficult.

5 Steps to Innovate on Purpose outlines a better way to innovate. The course provides a way of thinking about innovation and a step-by-step workflow to focus all aspects of the process.  During this half-day session, you'll learn to:


  • Align innovation efforts with strategic goals

  • Gather knowledge to deliver innovation your organization wants

  • Articulate knowledge so it's usable in the innovation process

  • Communicate to inspire teams that build, market, sell and support your offerings

  • Be ready when the market changes


Innovation may require understanding beyond markets and personas. It must be aligned with organizational vision and strategy to be considered successful. Attend this class to discover how to innovate on purpose.

Who should attend? Product management and marketing teams; cross-functional teams responsible for product, pricing, marketing and message innovation.

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