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Welcome attendees of Subscription Show 2022!

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Subscription Show 2022!

Below are the five questions to answer before a Black Swan lands in your world, and a special offer only for SubShow attendees!

Diane Pierson: Innovate on Purpose

Innovate on Purpose helps organizations succeed at the intersection of what their markets need and who they want to be.

Innovate to nurture, grow or disrupt. Innovate to drive your company's vision while delighting the markets you serve. Innovate so that when your markets change – as a result of a Black Swan or otherwise -  you're one step ahead of them.

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5 Questions to Answer BEFORE the Black Swan Lands

Black Swans can destroy your business, but can also be an opportunity to innovate and win. Prepare to battle the next Black Swan and win by answering the five questions below:

HOW well do we know our markets today?

Your first response to a Black Swan will be based on what you already know about your market – or don’t.

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WHO should be on our Black Swan Slayer team?

Define a small team of Swan Slayers who will review emerging risks and make recommendations to leadership.

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WHAT Black Swan Outcomes would put our business at risk?

You can’t predict the next Black Swan, but you can prepare for the outcomes it drives.

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WHERE are we Fragile today?

Fixing known weaknesses or market dissatisfiers can stave off disruptive threats before they occur.

A digital drawing of a black swan.

WHEN will we do a retrospective?

Assess your team’s response to the next Black Swan and learn from what you see.

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Where to start

Special Offer - 20% off for Subscription Show 2022 Attendees

Workshop: Preparing for the Next Black Swan - Regularly $15,000/Show price $12,000

  • Half-day online or in-person workshop with up to 20 attendees.

  • Pre-call to set workshop goals.

  • Proprietary workshop tools that enable you to leave with a plan.

Optional post-workshop coaching package to ensure implementation and success also 20% off!

  • 3 1-hour follow-up sessions to advise and enable implementation

  • Regularly $4,500/Show price $3,600




People Are Talking

“Diane's intentionality and energy made my experience with her as an instructor truly impactful. She took the time to break down complex theory and make it actionable, specific, and digestible. I've experienced a few professional courses, and my time with Diane was easily the most enriching to both my classroom environment and in post-class retention. I hope to take another class from her soon!”

Camilla Marais

Product Marketing Manager, Developer Platform at Zoom Video Communications

“I have a great deal of respect for Diane as a business strategist, department leader, and career mentor. She has expertise working in all phases of product development and marketing, whether it’s steering a company’s strategy, planning at the market- or product-level, or driving discreet projects and programs. Diane has the unique ability to view the product both through the lens of the company, and perhaps more importantly, the customer. She also understands the human element of managing and mentoring people. Diane hired me 2009 for a position that fit my background and potential, and has been an excellent mentor since.”

Tim Eisenstadt

Vice President, Product Marketing and Commercial Solutions at Clarivate

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many Pragmatic instructors and Diane is by far my favorite. She is engaging, funny, and most importantly understands Product inside and out. If you are looking for someone who can help your organization learn and apply the Pragmatic framework, I highly recommend Diane!”

Stacey Yeager

AVP, Product Operations at Cox Automotive

“It was a true pleasure to work for Diane at CCC. She brings a great balance of strategic thinking and creative savvy. Diane brought a management style that empowered team members to do our best work and made it clear through her actions that she would not hesitate to advocate on our behalf. From a strategic level, Diane excelled at identifying and bringing together the right people to drive initiatives and achieve goals. Some of Diane's greatest strengths, which I appreciated on a day-to-day basis, were her keen ability to listen and her great sense of humor.

Robin Morgasen

Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications Copyright

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