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Product roadmap full of baby steps?

Let's see what we can do about that . . .

It's Time to Innovate 
on Purpose

Innovate on Purpose unlocks organization success by aligning innovation efforts with strategic vision and market needs.


Innovation may require understanding beyond markets and personas. It must be aligned with organizational vision and strategy to be considered successful. Most organizations are a step behind on both.

Are you performing random acts of innovation?

Too many organizations perform random acts of innovation – building product "guesses," putting them in the market and hoping for the best. Even when a guess is successful, the team has no idea how to sustain the achievement. But can you innovate when the personas you serve don't - or can’t - tell you want they want?


What if customers are telling you what they want? 

Others avoid innovation altogether because their backlogs are full of asks from existing users to tweak existing products. Why risk innovating when customers tell you exactly what they want? This makes sense until those same customers leave, and flock to the forward-thinking startup. When is focus on existing customers right? Can it ever be wrong?

Or are you living with the worst of both options?

Some organizations live unhappily in the middle – they talk about being innovative, but don't act in ways that enable it. They lack alignment between what leaders ask for and what they fund; what teams propose and what markets need. These disconnects can be the most frustrating of all. Can organizations align around - and execute on - what innovation means to them?

Take a giant step forward: start innovating on purpose.

We offer a step-by-step workflow to focus all aspects of product and go-to-market innovation in order to uncover actionable market insights, deliver on strategic goals and enable teams with a deep understanding of the markets they serve.


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Align innovation with Strategy

Ensure your innovation is driving strategic business goals.

Map the market

Plan before you act - visualize your markets to innovate on purpose.

Prioritize and focus

Focus your efforts to deliver maximum market impact.

empower Teams

Deliver actionable insight to those who design, build & sell your products.


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