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Successful companies chase the best idea - not the big idea. 

  • Better market insight without more research.

  • Embed strategic priorities in every decision.

  • Focus innovation on the best bets for you.

  • Keep a step ahead of changing markets.

Digital drawing of a person standing in front of a line and bar graph.

Drive more success without more research

Organizations do plenty of market research; they just don’t use it very well. Learn a simple, powerful workflow to win in the market using what you already know.

Build unleavable customer rapport

Unlock the difference between what customers want and what they tell you to build, and keep them with you beyond a single product lifecycle.

Digital drawing of a line graph and two hand shaking.
Digital drawing of a person with an inspiring idea lightbulb.

Inspire everyone with market insight

Success is achieved through amazing customer experiences beyond the product. Find out how to inspire your entire team with market knowledge to deliver winning, 360-degree solutions.

Focus on the best bets for you

Want to open new markets? Or build loyalty with current customers? Discover the way to stay focused on your goals, whatever they are.

Digital drawing of statistics on a paper.
Digital drawing of a laptop with a line graph on the screen.

Stay ahead of your changing market

Market changes are opportunities - if you’re ready to take advantage of them. Get the tools to succeed in a changing market without wasting cycles on something that hasn’t happened yet.

It's time to rethink what market driven means

How to Innovate on Purpose teaches doable product team workflows that galvanize your ability to create and market amazing, unleavable software and data products your B2B customers will love.

Front Cover Image of Diane Pierson's Book How To Innovate On Purpose.

What Do You Need?


Innovate On Purpose Workflow

Learn the workflow that will improve focus, alignment and market results using the resources you already have.


Upskilling Workshops

New tools, new tricks. 
Innovate on Purpose helps you build better personas, more effective launches strategic focus, and more. Online or in person.


Pragmatic Implementation

You’ve taken Pragmatic Institute courses and can’t wait to implement what you learned – but how?

Work with us to receive how-to help to use what you learned. Must be Pragmatic alumni.


Immediate Project Help

Innovate on Purpose brings deep experience and new capabilities to your product or commercialization project. We’ll lead, advise or facilitate projects, or act as an ongoing resource to your team.

Not sure what you need? Click here to schedule a no-obligation chat with the experts at Innovate on Purpose.

5 Steps to Innovate on Purpose

Today there’s a gap between doing market research and using it. Between memorizing the vision statement and achieving it. Between iteration and innovation. Our methodology changes that through five workflow phases:

Determine Roles & Goals

Digital drawing of two hands shaking.
Digital drawing of two hands shaking.

Align on the four facets of corporate innovation and your role in achieving them. Galvanize your team with this insight to focus work and win where you want to.

Get the most out of what you already know by aggregating market research. Find immediate opportunities and identify blind spots to prioritize future investigation.

Digital drawing of a conventional tree structure.
Digital drawing of a conventional tree structure.

Prioritize Current Opportunities

Find New Opportunities

Digital drawing of a person expressing an idea.
Digital drawing of a person expressing an idea.

Break away from the “hear it/build it” cycle of iterative product baby steps.  Ask the right questions at the right time to unlock the right new directions for you to take.

Discover an efficient, effective workflow to imbue your entire team with market knowledge. Learn a 360-degree ideation workflow to deliver amazing, unleavable solutions.

Digital drawing of a web graph chart.
Digital drawing of a web graph chart.

Communicate to Empower

Prepare for Change

Digital drawing showing a product changing.
Digital drawing showing a product changing.

Trying to plan for every market surprise is a waste of time, but a lack of readiness can derail even a strong product. Learn to watch for and capitalize on market changes without wasted cycles.


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