Working Together on Project


Come in with questions. Leave with answers and a plan. Innovate on Purpose workshops are hands-on working sessions that guide teams through the most important challenges of innovation.

Workshops can be held onsite or online, with groups of up to 20. Mix and match workshops to create the bundle you need or schedule one at a time.

Workshops include:

Align Innovation with Strategy

Duration: 4 hours

Problem Solved: Make sure you understand what "innovation" looks like for your organization, and what the expectations are for you to deliver it. 

Leave With: Defined innovation phase on the Market Opportunity and Understanding Spectrums; Innovation Strategy for your scope of responsibility.

Who should attend? Leadership that sets product and GTM strategy and the cross-functional teams that deliver it.

Find Opportunities to Innovate: Data Inventory

Duration:  8 hours (+ 2 hours prework) 

Problem Solved: Too often, you don't know what you don't know. We'll solve that problem. Before rushing to do focus groups and surveys, we'll consolidate the data you already have. Participants contact other internal teams and gather their own previously-completed research to inventory what they have, and what they still need, to succeed.

Leave With: Data Inventory, Listening Map Status/Object Score, Gap Analysis.

Who should attend: Create a Listening Map workshop or Innovate on Purpose course is a prerequisite.

Find Opportunities to Innovate: Convert Data to Knowledge

Duration: 8 hours

Problem Solved: There's a big difference between data and knowledge. Take the next step with market data to turn it into actionable insights, or the experiments to uncover them. Teams review market data and create knowledge statements, while also identifying additional questions to ask the market.

Leave With: Knowledge Statements and Summaries by Object. Market Research Backlog.

Who should attend: Find Opportunities to Innovate: Data Inventory workshop is a prerequisite.

Create a Listening Map

Duration: 4 hours

Problem Solved: Innovating to achieve a strategy can require you to understand markets beyond buyers and users. Perhaps beyond the markets themselves. Identify what you need to know to deliver the innovation your organization expects.  

Leave With: Object/Attribute/Source Inventory and a Listening Map.

Who should attend? Product and marketing leaders and teams.

Find Opportunities to Innovate: Data Streams

Duration: 4 hours

Problem Solved:  Some employees interact with the market. Others have subject-matter expertise. And all those valuable sources outside the company, from buyers and users to laws and supply chains. Yet so little of this data gets to those who need it. In this workshop, participants identify data streams and create a plan to deliver that data to the product and GTM teams. 

Leave With: Source Inventory for your Listening Map; Data Stream Calendar.

Who should attend: Product marketing leaders and teams. Create a Listening Map workshop recommended prior.

Inspiring Innovation: Knowledge Distribution

Duration: 4 hours

Problem Solved: You have the makings of innovation. Solid knowledge, intriguing hypotheses and a lot of experimenting to do. But - do the teams that do the building, selling and supporting have what they need to make innovative ideas a reality in the market? Let's make sure they do.

Leave With: Market Knowledge Map and Communication Plan.

Who should attend: Teams that distribute knowledge, including leaders, product management and marketing.

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